“If Filmmaking was intellectual you could learn to make a film from a book. There is something else going on. And that something else going on is fed by diving within.” – David Lynch


Actor Agent Director Producer Writer Editor Comedian Musician Artist Animator Game-Developer

A New Paradigm Media/Entertainment Is At Hand And You Are A Part Of This Revolution

The Entertainment Industry Is In A Time Of Rapid Transformation

“The worst kind of loneliness in the world is the isolation that comes from being misunderstood.” Dan Brown, Inferno

As humans, our greatest desire is to be understood… to share our inner vision with others…

What makes the entertainment world so profound is the ability to collaborate in the creation of a collective vision that ultimately invites others to share the experience.

By its very nature, Entertainment has a deep impact on the world’s transformation.

Let’s join our gifts to strengthen the power of this influence.

“Sheila clears away the static so the words have a chance to flow. Her love and light are a pathway upon which the imagination is allowed to dance. She is the unconditional support every creative should gift themselves.”
With gratitude…Efrem Seeger

Television writer and producer with credits including award winning, The Client List, Queer as Folk, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Strengthen The Power Of Your Influence When We Join In Conscious Creation Together

You will master the ability to navigate multiple frequencies and timelines with ease and thereby expand your story-line, deepen your characters, explore intricate plots, infuse vibrant energy imprints and amplify your ability to inspire and transform through your creation.

I am able to bring a unique set of skills to your project…a level of expansive overview and detailed precision so unique, it’s beyond imagination!

My pristine ability to navigate the various frequencies of conscious creation energy offers a level of insight and guidance you have never experienced before.

Let’s schedule a conversation to explore the various ways that I can help amplify your project and its impact on world transformation.

“Sheila just gets it. Her vision, insight, and understanding are inspiring and uplifting, as well as clear and grounded. She lives as she teaches, with contagious passion and love.”

Gina Manziello

Actress, Production Manager, and Singer-Song Writer

I highly recommend Sheila to everyone, as her life’s work, innate talent, gifts and compassion are positively divine!

“I have had the honor of working with Sheila Applegate since I was a teenager. Sheila’s loving guidance and support has been an integral part to my development as a healer, musician and artist. She has taught me how to trust my inner vision and to truly live from the heart. I am so grateful to Sheila on this journey, as I am finally able to love myself! This empowerment helped to release me from unnecessary suffering, and has given me the courage to enjoy life and create my dreams! My first album, “spektrə” won the NAMMY’s Best Debut Artist, and the SAMMY’s Best Alternative album! I highly recommend Sheila to everyone, as her life’s work, innate talent, gifts and compassion are positively divine!”
Leah Shenandoah

Award Wining Singer-Song Writer/Artist, Oneida Wolf Clan

“Sheila Applegate’s insights bring light and wisdom back into the creative process. I have experienced first hand her powerful intuition, and find her knowledge to be immensely helpful in navigating the journey that we call life. I am so happy she is now doing this consulting, I think she will help so many people tap into their creative potential.”

Lyric Benson Ferguson

Spiritual Poet and Singer-Songwriter