“Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.” -Steve Jobs

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Corporate Political Religious Education Industry Innovator

Entrepreneur Visionary

The Worlds Of Culture And Commerce Are Calling For A Heightened Consciousness And You Are Leading The Way

 “ We just know there’s something much bigger than any of us here.”   -Steve Jobs



Your heart based wisdom provides you with a unique perspective.


You are driven by a passion to seek creative solutions and expanded understanding.


Your desire is to support the collective.


You are being called to step beyond old thought paradigms;  

  • To forge new paths of possibility
  • To strengthen your heart based wisdom
  • To embrace your creative consciousness
  • To become the most authentic and innovative reflection of yourself
  • To create a path of possibilities that guides the collective consciousness to new understandings

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“When Baba Virsa Singh ji , left this physical world, I was called to embrace my role as a leader in a way that I had not done before. Sheila’s vision, guidance and wisdom helped me to focus on my passion and unique leadership path.  Sheila continues to be a resource of clarity as I amplify the impact my service has on the world.”

Ralph Singh

Chair, Wisdom Thinkers Network; Convener. Author, Educator, Storyteller, and Community Builder

Experience A Ground Breaking Level Of Insight And Guidance Like Never Before Through My Pristine Ability To Navigate The Various Frequencies Of Source Energy


The level of expansive overview and detailed precision that I bring to you through my unique skill set offers you a road-map, to follow your passion and claim your role as an authentic, conscious and creative leader

Let’s schedule a conversation to explore the various ways we can amplify the impact you have as you forge new paths of possibility for our world.

“Sheila Applegate’s teaching is clear and deep. She taps what the soul already KNOWS and helps bring it to conscious awareness. She is a gift to our planet!
Melina Carnicelli

Former Mayor, Auburn, NY

“Sheila is a powerful and passionate communicator and change agent”

Barnet Bain

author of The Book of Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work, producer of What Dreams May Come, and The Celestine Prophecy

“Sheila offers exactly what our world is so desperately seeking at this time in history. She truly helps those who seek to become the entirety of their soul’s purpose through her exceptional and spiritual soul’s work.”

Diane Schenandoah, Oneida Nation, Wolf Clan Faithkeeper

Artist/Sculptor, Energy work

“When I work with Sheila, I know I’m being seen for who I am and who I can become, not just for what I want to do. It’s the most amazing experience. She doesn’t just help me become more successful… she also makes me a better, happier person.”

Amisha Patel, M.F.A.

Professor, Writer, & Owner of www.mytreeoflife.com