“It’s in literature that true life can be found. It’s under the mask of fiction that you can tell the truth” – Gao Xingjian

Author Journalist Novelist Course-Developer Publisher

Agent Publicist Editor Poet

A New Paradigm Of Publishing Is At Hand And You Are A Part Of This Revolution

The Publishing Industry Is In A Time Of Transformation

Through literature you have the unique ability to invite people to your inner world in a way that allows them to feel as if they have taken their own journey into the realms you share…

Whether it is fiction, history, reflection or biography, you guide your readers to a new perspective.

Expand your storyline, deepen character, explore intricate plots, infuse vibrant energy imprints and amplify your ability to inspire and transform readers with your writing, as you master the ability to navigate multiple frequencies and timelines with ease.

If you’re even thinking about a project, you need Sheila Applegate in your life 

“With her guidance and gifts I’ve gone from questioning my place in the world to owning it, acting on it and loving every minute. Sheila’s ability to navigate with gentleness and direct with clarity has helped me unlock the stories within my journey. Through in person sessions and email exchanges she has kept me on track in my creative process as a professional.  If you’re even thinking about a project, you need Sheila Applegate in your life today.”

Kate D. Mahoney

National Speaker, Storyteller and Actorvist

Step Into Your Role As A Leader In The Industry And Be A Part Of The Transformation

The level of expansive overview and detailed precision that I bring to your project through my unique skill set is beyond your imagination.

My pristine ability to navigate the multiple frequencies of conscious creative energy offers a levels of insight, inspiration, clarity and guidance you have never experienced before.

Let’s schedule a conversation to explore the various ways that I can help amplifying the impact your project has on world transformation.

“The power of a story has the ability to transform lives. As industry leaders ushering in the new paradigm of publishing, Sheila Applegate’s expertise provides clarity and incredible wisdom to help expand the power of story telling.”

Laura Ponticello & Marcus Mcgee

Publisher, Divine Phoenix Books & Pegasus Books

Sheila knows how to champion creative ideas and the varied scope of imagination

“Sheila Applegate is a vortex of creativity and goal driven energy complemented by a keen understanding of the dynamics of success and the unlimited power of human potential.  Her background as a spiritual seer, therapist, published author, broadcaster, and coach of human affairs, has positioned her to lead her company, Counterpoint Creative Consulting as a value-added entity that can assist creative people reach their maximum achievement.  Applegate possesses the business acumen and management savvy that when juxtaposed with her sensitivity to the aspirations and needs of creative people can transform and elevate artistic goals.  Sheila knows how to champion creative ideas and the varied scope of imagination.”  

William E. Berry, Jr.

Publisher & CEO aaduna, inc.

“I have been working with Sheila for several years, and I am so grateful that our paths have crossed. Her guidance and connection with Spirit have been a tremendous help in allowing me to find my muse and manifest my best work.”

David Homick

Author of A Lifetime Last Night